888 Featured Artists

Dario Campanile

Galerie 888 is proud to be the East Coast representative for our Featured Artist, Dario Campanile. 

This talented and amazing Fine Artist, originally from Rome, has lived in Hawaii and California

for the past 30 years. Coined the “Roman Master” by Salvador Dali, Dario is a distinguished

world-renowned Master Painter with a 55 year history!  Additionally, Dario was chosen to

redesign the 75-year Paramount Picture logo. Dario’s portrait of Dalai Lama was part of a

world tour that traveled internationally for 5 years. While Dario has painted Realism and

Surrealism for most of his career, he’s now focused on Abstract and Abstract Expressionism art.   

His work is colorful, cutting edge, multi-dimensional, and full of movement.  I am thrilled to be

representing Dario! 


Gennady Gerasimovich Zubkov

In 1940 Zubkov was born in Perm and his family moved to Leningrad that same year.  He studied at the Herzen Pedagogical Institute, Art and Graphics department from 1962-1968.  From 1963-73, Zubkov studied under the guidance of V. Sterligov, student K. Malevich (1904-1973).  He evokes the painting culture of the early Twentieth century, the Russian avant-garde, the practice of extended viewing used by Matyushin, as well as the Cup-dome system devised by Sterligov.  His works may be seen at the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow) and Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art (St. Petersburg).  He continues to live and work in St. Petersburg.


Vera Fedorovna Matyukh (1910-2003)

Vera Matyukh began her studies at the Kharkiv Artistic Institute (1926-1930) with Vasili D. Ermilov.  She worked at the Leningrad Experimental Graphics Laboratory from 1938, becoming a Leningrad Union of Artists member in 1943.  Matyukh is also associated with the Kondratiev Circle.  Vera remained very active until her death.  She experimented with various topics and her work expressed the tremendous political and social change underway in her native country.  Her lithographs may be found in prominent museum and private collections in Russia, UK and USA.  In 2020, to mark 110 years since her birth there will be several exhibitions and publications about her life and work.


Elena Priduvalska

Born in 1962 in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  Graduated from the Academy of Artists in 1986.  She has exhibited in Ukraine, France and United States.  Her works may be found in museum and private collections in Ukraine and USA.


Aleksandr Skolozubov (1936-2003)

Aleksandr Skolozubov was a renowned graphic artist and member of the USSR Union of Artists.  His Academy of Arts graduation work comprised book illustrations for Milosh Glavsy’s book, “The Sleeper Awakens” a lively story about adventures of two Czechoslovak journalists in Algeria in 1956.  During his studies at the Academy’s Graphic Department he was tutored by M. A. Taranov.  Solo exhibitions of Skolozubov have been mounted in St. Petersburg, Russia in recent years.  His works are found in the State Russian Museum, as well as in private collections around the world.


Boris Vlasov (1936-1981)

Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Son of artists V. A. Vlasov and T. V. Shishmareva. He studied at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and architecture at the I. E. Repin in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) from 1955-61.  His expressive style appeared was featured in books published by Children's Publishers Literature; "Grandfather Ambrosio's Shotgun" by M. Tuberovsky (1967), "Cloud in pants" by V.V. Mayakovsky (1978), "The Old Man and the Sea" by E. Hemingway (1979), among others.  The artist’s works are in many museum collections, among them - State Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum, and State Russian Museum.


Liana Moonie

Although this magnificent artist is no longer with us, her artistry and her words describe what painting meant to her through her Artist's Statement:

     "My paintings spring from a love and appreciation of Nature, filtered through a meld of ever changing life experiences. The art reflects what I see now and what I have experienced throughout my life. In this process my inner response and outward expression are constantly providing creative challenges.

     When I look at one of the wondrous natural scenes which surround us, I feel the need to portray the emotional impact of the scene, more than the objects themselves. In expressing my impressions in abstract form, I am consciously freeing form and color from Nature to focus on the essential order of things as I see and feel them.

     In my daily living I strive to become a better person and to improve my conscious contact with a higher spiritual being; and in my art I constantly strive to attain a higher level of expression".